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Welcome to "OUR BLOG!" This is where I will update you with little notes, happenings and daily joy! Always have a Happy Day! :)

  • 9/1/2016
     The Decorative Painter!
  • 7/18/2016
     New On-line July/August 2016
  • 5/9/2016
     Mother's Day
  • 11/2/2015
     New Seminar!
     New On-line Mag Pcs!
  • 12/10/2010
     Christmas Nostalgia
  • 9/15/2010
     Candy Apple Popcorn
  • 7/19/2010
     Beautiful Garden Summer!
  • 3/4/2010
     Creative Painting?..Creative Slippers!
  • 1/12/2010
     Cupid's on his way!
  • 12/17/2009
     Christmas Collectibles!
  • 12/16/2009
     Christmas is coming!
  • 10/30/2009
  • 9/16/2009
     New Classroom!
  • 2/16/2009
     Spring Incentive!
  • 1/2/2009
     A Happy New Year of Painting!
  • 10/16/2008
     Halloweenie Painters!
  • 10/2/2008
     Halloweenie Caramel Popcorn!
  • 9/25/2008
     Thanksgiving Pumpkin Patch!
  • 3/30/2008
  • 3/7/2008
  • Date: 9/1/2016
    Title: The Decorative Painter!

    Well wowie! How exciting!
    "Christmas in the Woodlands" Issue #3 2016!
    Thank you SDP!

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    Date: 7/18/2016
    Title: New On-line July/August 2016

    Don't miss out on some great on-line Publications this month!
    "Tomato Garden" at


    "Christmas in July" at with "Winter Cuddles!

    Also at Painting Ezine this August...look for "Time 4 Frost" Pumpkin!
    You NEED this outside your door this Fall! ;)

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    Date: 5/9/2016
    Title: Mother's Day

    Nothing says Spring-time like Mother's Day, tea, hydrangeas & a family that loves you & thinks about you!
    Hoping you all had a wonderful day regardless of circumstance...God is good All of the time.

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    Date: 11/2/2015
    Title: New Seminar!

    Don't miss out on our "Seminars" page here on the website!
    Coming out this November..."Santa's Post!"
    Brand New!
    You won't want to miss this one!

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    Date: 11/2/2015
    Title: New On-line Mag Pcs!

    Have you been to yet?
    Don't miss out on a whole new world of on-line painting!
    This month you'll get "Santa Says!" Chocolate Bars! I call them that because they look and feel like chocolate bars! :)

    Last issue included "Goodie Train", so be sure to pick that issue up as well!

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    Date: 12/10/2010
    Title: Christmas Nostalgia

    I love the nostalgia of Christmas! The genius of bringing back our childhood toys in the form of Christmas decorations! Thank you Holly Hobbie for being so darn cute in your velvety red Christmas coat, laden with brown paper packages and that non-frazzled smile! I love Christmas!

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    Date: 9/15/2010
    Title: Candy Apple Popcorn

    Okay, I know, that's not a picture of Candy Apple Popcorn! It's all I have at the moment...need to take a new photo with new popcorn...we ate it all!

    Candy Apple Popcorn

    Grease a large roaster and fill with popped corn.
    Preheat oven to 250 degrees.
    Melt 1 cup butter, 1/2 cup corn syrup, 1 tsp salt, & 2 cups red cinnamon hearts-filling the measure cup to the top with white sugar while the candies are in the cup.

    When melted, boil for 5 min, remove from heat and stir in 1/2tsp baking soda.
    Pour over popcorn.
    Bake 1 hour stirring every 15 minutes.

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    Date: 7/19/2010
    Title: Beautiful Garden Summer!

    From my house to yours! Happy Summer!

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    Date: 3/4/2010
    Title: Creative Painting?..Creative Slippers!

    Funny's strange the things that happen to your feet when they're put through the stress of countless hours on the convention floor, in the classroom, walking along the strip....with your eyes closed.... I suppose rejection was in order after putting our poor, sweet, faithful foot friends through the agony of hard-earned "stench".....although it was a hard pill to swallow as we looked desperately for some comfort of home when finally the "kids" (slippers) just had enough and made a break for it...I think they escaped... ;)

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    Date: 1/12/2010
    Title: Cupid's on his way!

    Mmmmmm Yummy! Need I say more?

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    Date: 12/17/2009
    Title: Christmas Collectibles!

    How's your decorating coming along? What are your favorite pieces?
    Have they been collected by you, handed down in the family, given to you as gifts? No matter what your style, this is the perfect season to put out "memories" for viewing pleasure! Merry decorating to you!

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    Date: 12/16/2009
    Title: Christmas is coming!

    Christmas IS finally coming! We wish you a very Merry Christmas and peaceful painting days!

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    Date: 10/30/2009

    Eat lots of candy apples, caramel popcorn and sit down to a good old fashioned Frankenstein movie!!

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    Date: 9/16/2009
    Title: New Classroom!

    Classroom is just about ready! (And you thought I was bluffin'!)
    Bring slippers!

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    Date: 2/16/2009
    Title: Spring Incentive!

    Spring is right around the corner and before you know, it's here!
    Don't wait for the first buds to show, get Spring Paintin' now! Bring out some Spring photos and maybe pick up a pot of Spring blooms from the grocery store to get your mojo goin'!
    It does your heart and mind good! :)

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    Date: 1/2/2009
    Title: A Happy New Year of Painting!

    A big Happy New Year to everybody! Thank you for the wonderful year 2008 and looking forward to painting for you in 2009!
    There is talk of upcoming classes, hopefully sooner than later! Have to get the reno's done first to make room for tables!
    Keep warm and cozy and paint yourself something wonderful this winter!

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    Date: 10/16/2008
    Title: Halloweenie Painters!

    Halloween is in the air! Thanks to the ladies from the Village Painters in Livonia MI, USA for sending this great pic of their version of "Ghoulish Treats!" Really, really fun! Wish I had been there! Save me a seat next year!
    And then we have Deb, (who isn't in the picture! :) ) and her Calgary AB girls from Canada with "Haunted Halls!" Look...there's our very own Jamie Mills to the left! LOL!! Nice work ladies! Happy Halloweenie!

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    Date: 10/2/2008
    Title: Halloweenie Caramel Popcorn!
    Here it is! The best you can get! We make this every Autumn as one of our family traditions. It goes hand-in-hand with the Thanksgiving Pumpkin Patch trip, yard clean-up and decorating and the Pumpkin Carving Party! Keep the good stuff coming! Happy Autumn!

    Caramel Popcorn from the Christmas (Halloweenie) Household!

    Pre-pop enough popcorn to fill a large roasting pan.

    2 cups brown sugar
    1/2 cup corn syrup
    1 cup butter
    Melt over medium heat, boil 5 minutes.
    Remove from heat.
    Add 1/2 tsp baking soda
    1/2 tsp vanilla
    dash of salt
    Mix into popcorn, (Don't lick the spoon! It's hot!)
    Bake at 250 F mixing every 15 minutes.

    MMMMMMMMM! Add peanuts or almonds if you like, candy corn (my favorite) is a cute addition after cooling!

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    Date: 9/25/2008
    Title: Thanksgiving Pumpkin Patch!

    Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner! I know, I know! Our fellow turkey loving friends to the South have to wait until have our most sincere apologies! We'll be sure to post turkey pictures!
    An annual trip to the local pumpkin patch every Thanksgiving weekend is a must at our house! Grab extra cornstalks and baby gourds for great Autumn decorating outside and in!

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    Date: 3/30/2008
    Title: April

    Don't we all just NOT love Easter in March!? No flowers, blooms or sprouting grass. The Easter bunny is still wearing his woolies...
    My solution- potted bulbs scattered indoors, here and there. Store bought blooms to add instant bursts of color to every room and of course, the ever-full-of-blooms-wreath on every door in the house!
    Yes, we can beat Winter! And it looks like we have! Spring is finally here!

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    Date: 3/7/2008
    Title: March
    March cookies are a must have!....okay, any cookies are a must have!
    Try some shamrock sugar cookies with green royal frosting and 24K edible gold dust, brushed lightly on the center of each cookie for a festive twist this March!

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