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I was born in British Columbia, Canada and reside now with my family in Vernon, BC.
My love for decorative painting began in the front store window of a decorative painting shop. Window shopping became browsing, browsing became shopping, shopping became painting.....& so the story goes!
My first book "Holly Berries & Twigs" was published in 2003 & I have 8 books published to date.
I have also been published in a wide range of magazine articles over the years and have had the honor of being published in the 100 Angels collection of hand-painted angels presented by The National Museum of Decorative Painting.
I currently teach at my home studio from time to time & various other places, Internationally.
My entire line of instructional packets, kits & books are available here on my website.
You’re invited to stay & visit my shop in your jammies! …’cause that’s the way life should be!
Merry “Christmas” to you….ALL year ‘round!
Kim Christmas


Kim Christmas Designs

All patterns and designs © Kim Christmas Designs. All Rights Reserved.
For fun and personal profit only. Reproduction of these designs for mass marketing, such as the gift industry, photocopying, photographing, computer scanning and all other types of mechanical reproduction are prohibited.

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